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Allen McLaughlin

Television Cameraman and Video Editor

Allen McLaughlin,

the story so far...

I come from Paisley, Scotland, some 7 miles west of the city of Glasgow, and after several attempts at living in the city have come back to the place I know best. Having said that, my job has me on the move quite a lot. I've filmed in locations all over Scotland and the UK. I've been despatched to places like Kiev, Los Angeles and some amazing places inbetween. Sometimes I'll get to enjoy a beautiful Hebridean island beach or a rustic mediterranean hideaway. It's all great fun and although it often requires long working days and an ad-hoc social life, I wouldn't swap it for anything.

How does that old song go again ? "Music was my first love and it will be my last.." 

I also play guitar and bass, years ago I'd do that with other guys in bands, and play in front of people at shows. Nowadays I play guitar on the couch, with the odd foray into a rehearsal studio or bar to give it another go with some mates. So I try and keep in touch with my one time 'rock star' aspirations by getting involved in filming bands and musicians whenever I can. Being onstage at a big show can be a buzz, but so can being onstage in a tiny venue or bar working with the next big hopefuls. In fact after years of shooting some of the biggest names in music, I think I prefer filming the smaller, more intimate shows nowadays. In my career, I've filmed with the likes of U2, The Who, James Brown, Radiohead, Pulp, Foo Fighters, Beyoncé, Pixies, James Brown, Red Hot Chili Peppers and countless others, all great fun of course !

I hope you enjoy viewing my stuff and please feel free to get in touch with any comments or queries...


Allen McLaughlin

[email protected]

Tel: +44(0)7843 680279